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More than just Invisalign.

Introducing Invisalign+: The accelerated solution for a straighter smile and a more confident you. Building on the success of our conventional Invisalign programme, Invisalign+ offers a faster path to your dream smile, with most cases completing in just 6 to 12 months.

But Invisalign+ is more than just about straightening teeth. Our approach is focused on enhancing your entire facial aesthetics. We understand that a beautiful smile is more than just aligned teeth; it's about how your smile interacts with your lips, cheeks and overall facial structure.

With Invisalign+, we aim to create a smile that not only looks great but also harmonises with your unique facial features, enhancing your natural beauty and boosting your confidence. Here's how we do it:

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Rotate -90 degree-4

Great for those who are happy with their smile and bite but want to make small improvements to their front teeth.


  • 3.5 Months
  • 6 Front Teeth
  • Upper only
  • Whitening Kit at the start
  • Includes 1 Retainer for Upper Arch


Rotate -90 degree (2)

This is ideal for improving the look of your teeth when you smile and speak, indicated for busy professionals needing moderate adjustments.


  • 6 months
  • 6-8 Teeth
  • Upper Lower
  • Whitening Kit at the start
  • Includes 1 Set Retainer for Upper and Lower Arches


Rotate -90 degree (3)

Shifts more teeth for minor bite fixes or to widen your smile. Best for those looking for gradual yet noticeable improvements.


  • 6-12 Months
  • >12 Teeth
  • Upper Lower
  • Whitening Kit at the start
  • Whitening Kit at the end
  • Includes 1 Set Retainer for Upper and Lower Arches


Rotate -90 degree (4)

Fully customise your smile for big changes! This is perfect for those who want significant transformations with no limitations of movement.


  • >12 Months
  • All Teeth
  • Upper Lower
  • Whitening Kit at the start
  • Whitening Kit at the end
  • Includes 1 Set Retainer for Upper and Lower Arches

How Invisalign+ is Different

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Personalised Precision

Our approach starts with an indepth 8-Point Smile Analysis. This comprehensive assessment ensures that every aspect of your smile is tailored to your individual concerns and goals, setting the stage for a truly customised treatment experience.

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Comfortable Protocol

We prioritise your comfort throughout the treatment process by delaying the attachments and ensuring gradual movement initially. This approach minimises discomfort and improves your experience with Invisalign+.

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Support In Every Step

With our exclusive Invisalign Journey Kit, we support you every step of the way by providing everything you need for a confident smile. Plus, our complimentary Whiten+ Kit helps you achieve a more radiant smile, so you can show off your new look with confidence.

Our Invisalign Journey Kit

Starting something new can feel overwhelming, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Our dentists have put together an exclusive Invisalign Journey Kit just for you, designed to help you navigate your Invisalign+ journey with ease. Each kit includes:

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Curaprox Travel Kit

This convenient kit is perfect for Invisalign+ users, offering a compact and easy-to-carry solution for maintaining oral hygiene on the go.

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Chewies (1 packet)

These soft, flexible chewies help improve the fit of your aligners & ensure they are fully seated, aiding in more effective tooth movement.

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Whiten+ Kit*

Kickstart your smile transformation with our Whiten+ Kit, which aids to whiten your teeth at the beginning of your treatment.

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Personalised Guide

Get our patient handbook for invaluable insights and tips, and join us on the Invisalign app to track your progress online.

*For those on Multi & Complex Plans, an extra Whiten+ kit is provided at the end to maintain and enhance your new smile throughout your journey.

*For Invisalign + Buddy, Curaprox toothpaste will be given instead of Whiten+ Kit.


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Curious about Invisalign in Singapore?

Grab our free Invisalign Guidebook

Face Shape Analysis
Bite and Jaw Analysis
Smile Simulation
Intra-Oral Photos
Teeth Positioning Analysis
Muscle & TMJ Check
Thorough Medical & Dental History
Bone & Teeth Health Check

8-Point Smile Analysis

Our 8-Point Smile Analysis is a comprehensive assessment conducted by our dentists to ensure that your Invisalign+ treatment meets your specific needs. This detailed analysis allows us to create a customised treatment plan that addresses all aspects of your smile, going beyond just straightening your teeth.

During the analysis, we consider various factors such as the aesthetics of your smile, the dynamics of your lips, the proportion of your teeth, the contour of your gum line and the symmetry of your smile. We also assess how your teeth fit together when you bite and look at the colour and texture of your teeth.

We aim to give you a smile that not only looks great but also feels like you!

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Discover if Invisalign+ is right for you 

Are you eligible for Invisalign+ ? Let our 3 minute online smile assessment be your guide! Answer short questions and even upload photos to find out if Invisalign+ can help you achieve the smile that you want.


Take the first step to becoming your best version of yourself. It's completely free! 


Cost of Invisalign+ in Singapore

Every Invisalign treatment plan is customised to meet your specific needs, ensuring the best possible results. Invisalign+ offers nearly invisible aligners, comfort and a treatment process that fits easily into your lifestyle. Our goal is to make your Invisalign journey smooth and comfortable, giving you a smile that enhances your natural beauty and boosts your confidence.

During the consultation, our doctors will discuss your individual smile characteristics and look at how the misalignment of your teeth affects your appearance and function. This thorough evaluation allows us to create a treatment plan that not only straightens your teeth but also enhances your overall facial aesthetics.

The cost of Invisalign+ starts from $2,616, making it an accessible option for many individuals seeking to improve their smile. Invisalign+ is designed to create a harmonious and naturally beautiful smile that complements your overall look, giving you a smile you can confidently share with the world.

Additionally, you have the flexibility to upgrade your treatment plan at any time by paying the price difference plus an admin fee of $196.20. If upgrading from Invisalign + Begin, there is an additional $893.80 case planning fee.

However, there is no additional case planning fee for Pro, Multi, and Complex upgrades. Please note that it is not possible to downgrade plans once upgraded.

Price of Invisalign+ Treatment

$2,616 - 9,047*

Invisalign + Begin $2,616

Invisalign + Pro

Invisalign + Buddy $5,995

Invisalign + Multi

Invisalign + Teen $7,957
Invisalign + Complex $9,047

*Price are inclusive of 9% GST
**Installment 6 and 12 months available
***Prices quoted above do not include other dental treatments such as extractions, fillings & cleaning

Invisalign can help kids too!

Early correction of teeth is essential for ensuring a functional and stable bite for your children in the future. Invisalign provides a modern alternative to metal appliances, crafted to integrate smoothly into your child's daily routines.


Addressing crooked teeth early can gently pave the way for a healthier smile in the future.


Creating Smiles, Changing Lives

Over 28 reviews

The service and doctor is the best in town! The customer service and receptionists are very friendly! Dr Phillip Miller and Dr Noah Teo is very nice and very professional on their skill! They also very patient to explain to me about the treatment!

Will come back again!

Thank you very much!

Beautiful and friendly dental clinic, was recommended by my colleague. Been coming here for dental cleaning and fillings. Always a good visit!
J. Kho

This dental clinic has very good staff who are well trained and friendly. The dentists are also very good and will explain the treatment in detail before starting treatment. The equipment is very high tech and I believe they are able to do high quality work as I did my crown here and it looks much better than my colleague who also recently did his at another place. The waiting room is also very comfortable. good job!

C. Zheng De

This clinic is one of the best I have ever seen. I saw dr Justin for my implant which I did many years ago, the tooth was loose, and other drs told me to remove it as they could not find out what brand it was but dr Justin was able to take 3d xrays and locate the brand and specially ordered the part in. he saved me from having to do a surgery to remove and put a new implant which would have cost me a bomb. the tooth looks even better than the original thanks to the experieced dental technician Katsuya from Japan. 

Very happy and will keep coming back for my regular dental. 

G. Hock An

my workplace is close by and I had a problem with my tooth for a few days, so I made an appointment to come down. The receptionist who booked my appointment was very helpful and friendly to explain the way to the clinic from my office. I saw Dr Nicholas who was able to do a root canal treatment on the same visit so that I didn't need to come back. I felt safe and comfortable to do my dental treatment here as the dental picks are all wrapped up and sterilized and only opened before each treatment when im inside. 

P. Wendy

Frequently Asked Questions About Invisalign Treatments In Singapore

9 out of 10 cases our Invisalign dentist straightens teeth without extraction of teeth with Invisalign. We do not believe in a treatment that depends on extracting teeth just because there is not enough space, as this could result in an undesirable change in your face shape and facial profile.

Our Invisalign dentist has successfully treated severe crowding cases with Invisalign, achieving comparable results to traditional metal braces. Even with crowded teeth, we treat most cases without extractions.

Invisalign is suitable for all ages. Our Invisalign dentists have treated patients both young and old.

Invisalign aligners are fully customised with the ability to move teeth to straighten your smile. At times, Invisalign has proven to show faster results due to the efficient planning mechanics by experienced Invisalign dentists.

Unlike metal and ceramic braces, Invisalign aligners are smooth and do not cause painful ulcers. However, you will tightness and discomfort upon putting on a new set of aligners during the first few days.

Yes, during Invisalign treatment you will be sleeping with Invisalign. As it is custom-made for your teeth, it fits snugly and will not fall out during the night.

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