How Having a Great Smile Can Help You Become Successful in Life?

Dental Designs Clinic Singapore
27 Sep, 2022

We all have experienced how a beautiful smile can brighten up our day. An adorable smile of a baby can make us forget all our worries. Indeed as Phyllis Diller once said: “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.”.

Did you also know that a beautiful smile may also be the key to a successful, fulfilling and happy life? Whether you’re going for a job interview or you merely want to succeed at your workplace, the effects of a charming smile cannot be ignored.

Why is your smile such a powerful tool and how it can make you successful? Let’s find out.

Smile and Make Friends

Would you prefer talking to some stranger who is frowning, or one who is wearing a big smile on their face? We find it easier to talk to strangers who have a pleasant smile and the ones who appear happier. So, if you develop the habit of smiling, you look more approachable and are more likely to make friends at your workplace and in social circles.

Smiling Boosts your Confidenceconfidence with smile

People who keep smiling appear more confident and intelligent. This has been proven by multiple research studies.

Also, all of us have experienced a situation when weeks of preparation go to waste when we lose confidence during a speech or presentation. When this happens, try this. Just take a deep breath, and smile. Not only will you get your confidence back, your audience will also become empathetic and understanding towards you when you smile while talking to them.

A Beautiful Smile Makes You Successful in Relationships

Do you want to know the secret behind appearing attractive? Here’s one for you. Whether it’s your colleagues, friends or your loved ones, a beautiful smile goes a long way in making you look sexy and attractive.  According to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), 45% of the respondents believed that the smile was the most attractive feature of one’s personality, ahead of body build, hair, and legs. So, if you have a beautiful smile, flaunt it!

Smiling is Contagious!

When you flash a smile to strangers, they will most likely smile back at you. Your smile is contagious! If you want to cheer someone up who is having a bad day, all it takes is a smile. Imagine how many lives you can change by just putting a smile on your face! It’s easier than you think! Did you know that you need only 17 muscles of your face to laugh, in comparison to 43 muscles to frown? We spend more energy on appearing sad and unhappy instead of looking cheerful and happy. 

A Beautiful Smile is an Excellent Recommendation Letter

We all have heard the old saying that a beautiful smile opens many doors. Well, it will undoubtedly open doors for you when you appear in a job interview. According to the statistics of a survey provided by the American Dental Association (ADA) in 2015, 28% of the young adult respondents believed that their smile has a direct effect on the ability to perform well during a job interview. This is because when you smile, you appear more confident and likeable.

Your smile and facial aesthetics have become even more critical when you work in a line of work which involves human interaction. Research has shown that people who keep smiling appear more intelligent and trustworthy. So, if you want to become the employee of the month, or want your business to prosper, you should smile more often, especially when you’re dealing with clients or customers.

Smiling Helps you Live a Long and Fulfilling Life

perfect white teeth smile

Here is an interesting fact for you. Scientists studied an old group photo of basketball players. They found that those players who were smiling in the photograph outlived the ones who didn’t. The smiling players lived, on average for 79.9 years, in comparison to the non-smiling ones, who died seven years earlier. Now, there is a gap of 7 years!

Research has shown that stress and anxiety are among the most important factors which accelerate the ageing process. The habit of smiling tends to reverse the effect of excessive stress and depression. Even if you are stressed out to your max, try smiling and feeling that you’re happy. You will note that you will start feeling happy and relaxed. Not only this, but smiling can also help in reducing the levels of stress hormones, cortisol, and adrenaline.

Now, we know that the habit of smiling can help us in becoming successful and achieving a better quality of life. However, do you know what makes smiling even more effective? The attractiveness of your smile, which is mostly dependent on our teeth. While perfectly aligned and pearly white teeth are the perfect ingredient of a Hollywood smile, crooked and stained teeth can ruin your facial aesthetics and personality.

In a survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), 37% of the respondents stated that individuals with cosmetic teeth defects appeared less attractive, while 25% of them were found to be less confident.

If you are having cosmetic problems with your teeth that are negatively affecting your personality, then there is no need to worry. Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, you can still get an attractive and charming smile.

  • Stained Teeth – the ideal cosmetic option for getting rid of teeth stains is professional teeth whitening. In case your teeth stains are permanent, you can benefit from bonding, porcelain veneers or crowns.
  • Crooked or Fractured Teeth – damaged teeth can be cosmetically restored by using porcelain veneers or crowns. It would help if you visited a dental practice which prepares the porcelain veneers and crowns by using the CAD CAM technology, as these prostheses are more durable and aesthetically pleasant than the ones prepared in a laboratory.
  • Missing Teeth – dental implant supported false teeth are the most durable and aesthetic option for replacing missing natural teeth.
  • Misaligned Teeth – if you want to get your teeth straightened without anyone noticing your braces, then cosmetic dentistry offers another option; Invisalign. These are removable aligners which are made from transparent aligners that are virtually invisible when you smile or speak. Therefore, they will not affect you smile while they correct the alignment of your teeth. Also, they are much more comfortable and convenient to use than braces.

If you want to become popular among your friends and relatives, adopt one habit; keep smiling. There is nothing more attractive in this world than a simple and sincere smile. Try it out for yourself, and you will be amazed by the results. In case you have cosmetic dental problems, don’t worry, your dentist is there is give you a smile that you can show off! 


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