The 3D iTero Scan - Invisalign Singapore by Dental Designs Clinic

It’s hard to visualise how your teeth look, especially from the point of view of other people. With our Invisalign iTero scanner (iTero Elements), we can do a quick scan and capture the position of your teeth and how you are biting. This usually takes less than 5 minutes and the data is instantly transferred to Invisalign USA, without waiting for shipping time.


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About The Video

This video showcases the capabilities of our Invisalign iTero scanner, capturing a detailed digital impression of your teeth and bite. The process is quick, usually taking less than 5 minutes, and eliminates the need for traditional molds.
By using the iTero scanner, we can instantly send the data to Invisalign, streamlining the process and reducing waiting times. This ensures a faster and more accurate creation of your custom aligners.
The Invisalign iTero scanner represents a significant advancement in dental technology. Traditional impressions, often uncomfortable and time-consuming, are replaced by a quick and precise digital scan. This scan captures every detail of your teeth and bite, providing a comprehensive view that is instantly transferable to Invisalign. This technology not only improves the patient experience by reducing discomfort and waiting times but also enhances the accuracy of aligner fabrication. With digital impressions, we can ensure that each aligner fits perfectly, leading to more effective and predictable treatment outcomes. The iTero scanner exemplifies our commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology to provide the best possible care for our patients.