Ceramic Dental Crown Singapore - CEREC by Dental Designs Clinic

Don't let a broken tooth ruin your plans! Get a dental crown with Dental Designs. Smile with pride and #ownyoursmile.

About The Video

In this video, we demonstrate the process and benefits of getting a same-day dental crown at Dental Designs Clinic. You'll follow the journey of a patient who urgently needs a crown before a crucial presentation. Watch how our state-of-the-art CEREC technology enables us to design, mill, and place a custom ceramic crown in just one visit, ensuring the patient is back to their best smile quickly and efficiently.
Dental crowns are an essential solution for restoring damaged teeth, offering both durability and aesthetic appeal. Traditionally, the process of getting a crown could take multiple visits and weeks of waiting. However, with advancements like CEREC technology, patients can now receive a high-quality, custom-fit ceramic crown in a single day. This video highlights the efficiency of our process at Dental Designs Clinic, showcasing the precision of digital scanning, the speed of in-house milling, and the expertise of our dental team.

Same-day crowns not only save time but also reduce the inconvenience and discomfort associated with temporary crowns. By investing in this technology, we ensure our patients receive prompt and effective dental care without compromising on quality.