Dental Crown Singapore - CEREC Crown Design with Primescan

Once we have scanned your teeth, the CEREC software is able to design the crown. With the initial proposal, we can then fine-tune it until it looks perfect!

About The Video

In this video, we highlight the design process of creating a CEREC crown using PrimeScan technology. After taking a digital impression of your teeth, we use advanced software to design a precise and accurate crown. This digital approach eliminates the need for traditional molds and enhances the comfort and accuracy of the crown fitting process.
Using the CEREC software, we generate an initial crown design based on the digital scan. We then fine-tune the design, ensuring that it fits perfectly and meets our high standards. This advanced technology allows us to streamline the process, offering you a well-fitted crown with improved efficiency.
The design aspect of creating a CEREC crown is a crucial part of the overall process, leveraging the capabilities of PrimeScan technology. After obtaining a digital impression of your teeth, we use the data to create a detailed model, which serves as the foundation for designing a precise crown. By eliminating traditional molds, we enhance patient comfort and achieve higher accuracy in crown fittings.

The CEREC software plays a pivotal role in the design process. Based on the digital scan, the software generates an initial crown design. This design can then be adjusted and fine-tuned to ensure a perfect fit. The ability to make real-time adjustments and view the design from various angles allows for a high degree of customization. This not only improves the fit and function of the crown but also reduces the need for multiple visits, providing a more efficient and patient-friendly experience.