Dental Veneer & Crown Removal using Laser Technology!

Laser crown and veneer removal can offer a more pleasant experience for the patient. With our Waterlase Hard Tissue Dental Laser, we can significantly reduce the time it takes to remove crowns and veneers. Furthermore, it eliminates excess heat by using the natural light of the laser and possibly allows for crowns and veneers to be saved for reuse.  Most importantly, we can preserve the health of the tooth while restoring function and aesthetics to your teeth.

About The Video

This video demonstrates the removal of a dental veneer on a tooth model using the Waterlase Hard Tissue Dental Laser. The video captures key moments of the procedure, starting with the initial application of the laser, followed by the careful detachment of the veneer, and concluding with the tooth model showing the veneer removed cleanly and efficiently.
The video aims to showcase the advantages of using laser technology for veneer removal. It emphasizes the precision, reduced time, and minimal discomfort associated with the procedure, making it a preferable option for both patients and dental professionals.
The removal of dental veneers using laser technology represents a significant advancement in dental procedures. This video effectively illustrates the process, highlighting the benefits of the Waterlase Hard Tissue Dental Laser. The precision of the laser ensures that the veneer is removed without damaging the underlying tooth structure, preserving the health and integrity of the tooth.

One of the key advantages of this method is the reduction in time and discomfort for the patient. Traditional methods of veneer removal can be time-consuming and often uncomfortable, but the laser technique offers a more pleasant experience. Additionally, the use of the laser's natural light eliminates excess heat, further enhancing patient comfort. This advanced approach not only improves the efficiency of the procedure but also enhances patient satisfaction by minimizing discomfort and preserving dental health.