Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) - How gentle can it get?!

"At Dental Designs Clinic, we use EMS Airflow technology to clean your teeth. The Airflow system uses a mixture of powder and water to remove plaque buildup and stains, even in difficult to reach areas. This leaves the teeth feeling smoother and cleaner than before. Most importantly, it minimises pain and ensures comfort for our patients!

In this video, we try it on various "delicate' items to illustrate how gentle the process is."

About The Video

This video showcases the EMS Airflow technology in action on various delicate items, starting with a tooth model, followed by a tomato, an egg, and a leaf. The Airflow system utilizes a combination of powder and water to effectively remove plaque buildup and stains, even in hard-to-reach areas. By demonstrating on these sensitive items, the video highlights the gentleness of the process.
The video emphasizes the smooth and clean feeling left on teeth after using the Airflow system. It also underscores the comfort and pain minimization this technology provides for patients, making it a preferred choice for dental hygiene. The demonstrations on fragile items effectively illustrate the system's efficacy without causing damage.
The EMS Airflow technology represents a significant advancement in dental hygiene, combining powder and water to remove plaque and stains from teeth efficiently. This video effectively illustrates its gentle nature by using the technology on delicate items, starting with a tooth model, then moving to a tomato, an egg, and finally a leaf, demonstrating its ability to clean thoroughly without causing harm. This approach helps convey the system's effectiveness and safety.

Patients often worry about discomfort during dental cleanings, but the Airflow technology minimizes pain and ensures a more pleasant experience. The technology's ability to reach difficult areas without causing damage makes it an excellent choice for maintaining oral hygiene. As dental practices continue to evolve, innovations like the EMS Airflow system play a crucial role in enhancing patient care and satisfaction.