Invisalign Outcome Simulator - Invisalign Singapore by Dental Designs Clinic

Once we have scanned your teeth, the Invisalign software is able to simulate how your teeth move, and to see your own set of straight teeth. This is an initial draft which will be further refined by your dentist in the Invisalign ClinCheck program. #ownyoursmile

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About The Video

In this video, we demonstrate how the Invisalign software works in simulating the movement of your teeth after a digital scan. This simulation provides an initial draft of how your teeth will align, giving you a glimpse of your future smile.
The final adjustments are made by your dentist using the Invisalign ClinCheck program to ensure optimal results.
The Invisalign iTero scanner's simulation feature is a powerful tool that allows both the patient and the dentist to visualize the potential outcome of the treatment. After scanning the teeth, the iTero scanner generates a draft simulation showing how the teeth will move over time. This visual representation helps in understanding the treatment plan and setting realistic expectations. The initial draft is just a starting point; the dentist refines it using the ClinCheck program, which involves precise adjustments to ensure the best possible alignment. This process not only enhances the accuracy of the treatment but also engages the patient in their own orthodontic journey, providing them with a clear picture of the transformation ahead. The ability to see the end result beforehand boosts patient confidence and satisfaction, making Invisalign a preferred choice for many looking to improve their smile.