True or Floss #2: 10 Myths about Pregnancy and Dentistry!

Having a child is one of the most beautiful experience that life can give. It is also an experience filled with so many questions and concerns! Learn more about the common myths of pregnancy and dentistry from our resident dentists Dr Tiffany and Dr Jo Ann! 

0:17 : Is not safe to have dental treatments when you are pregnant
1:18 : You should not visit the dentist when you are pregnant
1:40 : Bleeding gums often happen during pregnancy
2:14 : You should not take X-Ray when you're pregnant
2:40 : The mother's oral health has nothing to do with the baby's health
3:31 : Having a baby sucks the calcium out of your teeth so they decay more easily
4:12 : I need to brush my teeth immediately after morning sickness or acid reflux
5:07 : Having dental anaesthetic is unsafe when you're pregnant
5:46 : I can avoid the dentist during pregnancy if I brush well at home
6:29 : You should let your dentist know if you're pregnant

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About The Video

In this episode of "True or Floss," Dr. Tiffany and Dr. Jo Ann address 10 common myths about pregnancy and dentistry. They discuss misconceptions such as the safety of dental treatments during pregnancy, the need to avoid dental visits, and the impact of a mother’s oral health on her baby's health. The video aims to provide clear and accurate information to expectant mothers about maintaining dental health during pregnancy.
The video covers a range of topics, including the safety of dental X-rays, the effects of morning sickness on teeth, and the importance of informing your dentist about your pregnancy. By debunking these myths, Dr. Tiffany and Dr. Jo Ann help expectant mothers make informed decisions about their dental care during pregnancy.
Pregnancy is a time filled with numerous questions and concerns, especially regarding dental health. In this video, Dr. Tiffany and Dr. Jo Ann debunk several myths about pregnancy and dentistry. They clarify that it is safe to undergo dental treatments during pregnancy and emphasize the importance of regular dental visits to maintain oral health. Ignoring dental care can lead to complications that might affect both the mother and the baby.

The video also addresses common issues such as bleeding gums, which can occur due to hormonal changes, and the safety of dental X-rays and anesthetics during pregnancy. Dr. Tiffany and Dr. Jo Ann stress that good oral hygiene at home is important but not a substitute for professional dental care. They debunk the myth that having a baby depletes calcium from the mother’s teeth, leading to decay. By providing evidence-based advice, the video encourages expectant mothers to prioritize their dental health, ensuring a healthy pregnancy and reducing the risk of dental problems.