True or Floss #3: 10 Myths about Wisdom Teeth!

"Wisdom teeth problems are one of the most common problems in Dentistry!  Learn more about the common myths of wisdom teeth and their removal from our resident dentist Dr Tiffany Tan and Oral Surgeon Dr Noah Teo. 

"Believed everyone is scared to see a Dentist for some reason, and Wisdom Teeth Surgery stands out A LOT! 
But is it true that Wisdom Teeth Surgery is so scary? Let's find out more from Dr Tiffany and Dr Noah.

00:30 - Wisdom teeth removal is unbearably painful
1:09 - I don't need to extract wisdom teeth if there is no pain
1:50 - Wisdom teeth removal is scary
2:37 - Risky wisdom teeth should always be left alone
3:24 - Seeing a specialist for wisdom teeth will cost me a lot of money
4:08 - Only teenagers need their wisdom teeth removed
4:45 - My parents didn't need to remove their wisdom teeth so I will not need to remove them
5:21 - Taking out wisdom teeth asleep (general aesthetic) is not needed and is dangerous
6:45 - I'm worried my body can't take so many extractions at one go
7:37 - I'm condemned to liquid diet after the surgery"

About The Video

In this episode of "True or Floss," Dr. Tiffany Tan and Oral Surgeon Dr. Noah Teo tackle 10 common myths about wisdom teeth and their removal. They address fears and misconceptions surrounding wisdom teeth surgery, such as the belief that it is unbearably painful, that removal is unnecessary without pain, and that the procedure is excessively costly. The video aims to demystify wisdom teeth extraction and provide clear, factual information.
The video covers various aspects of wisdom teeth removal, including the safety and necessity of the procedure, the costs involved, and the recovery process. By debunking these myths, Dr. Tiffany and Dr. Noah help viewers understand the realities of wisdom teeth management and encourage informed decisions about their dental health.
Wisdom teeth issues are common in dentistry, often surrounded by misconceptions and fears. In this video, Dr. Tiffany Tan and Dr. Noah Teo clarify several myths about wisdom teeth removal. They explain that while the procedure might cause discomfort, modern techniques and anesthesia make it manageable and less painful than commonly believed. They also emphasize that even if wisdom teeth are not currently causing pain, they can still pose future risks and complications, making proactive removal advisable in many cases.

The discussion highlights the importance of consulting specialists for wisdom teeth removal, noting that while it might seem costly, it prevents more significant issues down the line. Dr. Tiffany and Dr. Noah also address concerns about general anesthesia, the misconception that only teenagers need extractions, and fears about post-surgery diet restrictions. They assure viewers that with proper care, recovery can be smooth, and a return to normal eating habits is possible. This informative session aims to alleviate fears and provide a comprehensive understanding of wisdom teeth management, promoting better dental health outcomes.