Smile Trial

At Dental Designs, we recognize that embarking on a smile transformation can feel overwhelming without a clear picture of the result. That's why we introduced our 'Smile Trial'—allowing you to test-drive your new smile before committing to any permanent changes.

Our Smile Trial is completely non-invasive, ensuring no drilling or permanent alterations, providing a stress-free opportunity to preview your enhanced smile.

During the trial, you'll gain insight into how veneers can enhance your teeth. Since our veneers are fully customized, feel free to communicate any specific requests, changes, or personalizations you'd like to incorporate to your doctor.

Find out more from the video!

About The Video

This brief video demonstrates our Smile Trial process. It starts by showing the patient's natural teeth, followed by the application of a trial smile mock-up using a tooth coloured material to simulate the final outcome. This allows patients to visualize and experience their potential new smile before the actual procedure.
The video highlights the clinic's commitment to patient satisfaction and precision in cosmetic dentistry. By providing a Smile Trial, they ensure that the patient is comfortable and confident with the proposed changes, thus enhancing the overall treatment experience.
A Smile Trial is an essential phase in cosmetic dentistry, allowing patients to preview their potential smile transformation. This step helps set realistic expectations and enables informed decision-making. By experiencing their new smile beforehand, patients can ensure it meets both aesthetic and functional needs.

For dentists, the Smile Trial offers a chance to make adjustments before the final procedure, reducing the risk of patient dissatisfaction. This practice emphasizes patient-centered care in modern dentistry, where technology and patient involvement are key to successful outcomes. Using mock-ups builds patient confidence and trust in the dentist's expertise and treatment plan.