Does Dental Insurance Cover Crowns And Can I Use Medisave (2024)?

Dental Designs Clinic Singapore
06 Feb, 2024

As Singaporeans, we always want the most affordable and value-for-money services, including dental crown procedures. We know that Medisave can be used for a variety of medical services, but what about dental crowns? If Medisave can’t cover it, can I use insurance instead? Let’s take a closer look at the costs of dental crowns and what are the procedures that can be covered. 


What is the cost of a dental crown in Singapore? 

Getting dental crowns in Singapore can cost between $750 to $2000 per tooth. This varies according to the material chosen and the complexity of your individual case. Crowns made of high strength ceramic typically cost more than the traditional crowns which contain metal and ceramic (Porcelain fused metal crown). Gold crowns are the most expensive, and can exceed $2000 as it depends on the price of gold as well.


Can I use personal insurance for my dental crown? 

Insurance in Singapore typically only covers clinically necessary procedures. Procedures that are considered non-essential or elective would not be covered under most dental insurance plans. 

Normally, the following are covered by dental insurance in Singapore:


Dental crowns may be eligible to be claimed under accident insurance policies if the tooth has fractured as a result of an accident and needs a crown. However there are certain guidelines that differ between each insurance company. For this its best to clarify with your insurance agent. 

Can I claim work insurance for dental crown in Singapore?

You may be able to claim the costs for your dental crown through your dental insurance provided by your company as part of your dental treatment. As everyone has a different benefit package, it's a good idea to check with your company's HR for the details on your dental coverage.

If you are not sure, you can bring the policy details in for the dentist to advise you on whether your dental crown will be claimable under your insurance.


Can I use Medisave for dental crowns? 

Unfortunately, non-surgical dental procedures cannot be claimed using Medisave under CPF. Hence, Medisave cannot be used for the following: 

What dental procedures can be claimed with Medisave? 

You may use Medisave to pay for the following dental surgery services: 

The fixed limit of the amount you can claim from Medisave will depend on the type of surgery. Claims from Medisave may be anywhere between $250 to $2850 depending on how complex the surgical procedure is. 

You may also wish to use an immediate family member’s Medisave should your own be insufficient. This refers to your spouse, parents or children’s Medisave. However, this is subject to approval depending on your account balance. The Medisave Account Holder also has to fill up and sign the Medisave Authorisation Form. 

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Generally, Medisave cannot be used for dental crown procedures because they are non-surgical. However, insurance may be able to cover your dental crown procedure if it is required as a result of accidents. Insurance may also cover other basic dental treatments. For more information on the list of procedures you can claim for, check with your dental insurance provider. 



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